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L’école Jeanne-Mance dévoile sa future cour (PHOTOS)

Jane Mance School unveils its futuristic yard (photos)

Education. A multifunctional athletic field, green spaces, two outdoor classrooms and a living area including a foyer area, seating and an amphitheater are part of the Jane Mance High School courtyard development project in Drummondville.

The school, located near Sainte-Croix Hospital, Saint-Bernard College and Fortissimo, provided the first images of the project, and at the same time launched its fundraising campaign.

“It’s like a marathon. We’ve reached 21NS The kilometer, we have our mission to go, Stefan Gilbert, principal of Jan Mannes High School, said at a press conference on Monday. We still have a lot of work to do and the last kilometres, as in a marathon, will be tough.”

Estimated at $2 million, the schoolyard repair has raised nearly $1 million to date. “This amount includes the budget envelope for the maintenance of the premises of the scolaire des Chênes service center, which is an incredible contribution. We raised $15,000 from Jean Mance’s employees, enumerates Mr. Gilbert. The campaign is still going well.”

The Regional Environmental Council of the Center for Quebec (CRECQ) contributed to the project, with a financial support of $80,000. We knew there was a project to redevelop the schoolyard. We thought we could improve it. We have a project called Coup de frais. The goal is to reduce the harmful effects of heat islands on health. Here, it’s an island of heat, so the greenery will create an island of freshness,” says Marjorie Lago, project manager at CRECQ.

Having worked on the project for two years, the School of Jeanne-Mance wanted to take advantage of the opportunity presented by the Fortissimo development project to rebuild its yard. A new two-way street will be built in the new district, between the current landing stage of the Ecole Jeanne-Mance and the Maison des Seniors. It is scheduled to be built in 2022.

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There will be an intersection of four stopping points. At the moment, there are three stops,” defines Philip Mercure, director of the Department of Development and Community Relations for the City of Drummondville.

The students surveyed
To develop the yard redevelopment project, Jane Mance High School set up a committee. The Taliban is now at 4NS Secondary, join. Their role in particular was to measure the pulse of about 1,100 students in the institution.

“We surveyed all the students. About 900 people responded. The administration had a vision and the students had theirs. The two views were to be combined. It is a project that should bring everyone together,” says Maélie Francoeur.

“When we saw the plans, we said ‘So we imagined it and even the check mark above,'” says Ilinka Mercier. At noon, the students go to Woodyatt Park or Sainte-Thérèse Park. Here, we often have tables all taken and some trees. When you watch where he goes Students, these are places where there are green spaces. If the yard becomes well-equipped, the students will want to stay in the school.”

If all goes as planned, redevelopment of the schoolyard could begin next June, at the dawn of the school’s 60th anniversary. The site can be implemented in two or three stages.

Number of students who have attended Jan Mance High School since 1962