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After his journey into space, Invader gives us the moon

After his journey into space, Invader gives us the moon

On Tuesday, November 30, Artcurial will auction, as part of its Urban & Pop Contemporary sale, a work by artist Invader that depicts an alien invading the Moon. Estimated at between 400,000 and 600,000 euros, it will be shown for the first time in Paris during the FIAAC exhibition.

While Invader has been exploring the idea of ​​”space invaders” for several years, these extraterrestrial video game characters are attacking Earth, the artist, for his part, intends to conquer space. After he sent his work for several months space 2 In orbit, created in 2015 Moon 2015. A true nod to his will.” [d’envahir] to the moon “, since his work, made up of a panel of LED lights, features a small ‘gasser’ moving on our satellite. It will be shown in Paris for the International Exhibition of Contemporary Art (FIAC), then auctioned on Tuesday, 30 November Artcurial As part of the Urban & Pop Contemporary sale, it costs between 400,000 and 600,000 euros.

moon trip

« We are excited to preview this amazing work by Invader that takes us on a journey to the moon and asks about our community. “,” announced Arnaud Olivux, Co-Director of Artcurial for Urban and Contemporary Art. True, the artist has extraterrestrial ambitions: already in 2012, one of his works was sent to an altitude of more than 40 km with a meteorological balloon, and in 2014, the mosaic was sent space 2 She was flying on a multi-month journey inside the International Space Station. “I love the idea of ​​confrontation and collaboration between art and science” Confirms.

Space travel 2 to the International Space Station. © DR / Invader

Another invasion?

In March 2015, he also explained to ” Telerama «:« I work the land, not just the streets. The idea is to conquer a planet that has no shortage of locations and resources. I wanted to take a break, and push my limits. Then he set himself the challenge of being the first artist to rise high into space. We have to find other spaces to conquer, conquer new territories, conquer art history. It would be difficult to move forward and implement such unexpected projects. I started in the stratosphere, and now I’m on the International Space Station. The next invasion may be on the moon. Who knows ? “.