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In New York, the UN  Thousands of protesters rally for climate action outside General Assembly

In New York, the UN Thousands of protesters rally for climate action outside General Assembly

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of New York on Sunday to demand more action on climate change, two days before the United Nations General Assembly officially begins.

Protesters from about 700 organizations and activist groups gathered in New York, holding signs reading “Biden, end fossil fuels,” “Fossil fuels are killing us,” and “I’m not voting for fire.” and flood.”

US President Joe Biden is among the list of world leaders meeting from today at the UN for the UNGA, which is scheduled to officially open on Tuesday.

“We’re here to ask the administration to declare a climate emergency,” said Analelia Mejia, director of the activist group Center for People’s Democracy.

“Living in Danger”

In a UN climate report released this month, international experts say greenhouse gas emissions are expected to peak in 2025 — followed by a steep decline — if humanity sets a target to limit global warming in line with the Paris goals. Agreement.

The Paris Agreement, ratified in 2015, promoted many actions in support of the climate, but “much remains to be done on all fronts”, describes the next working platform for COP28 in Dubai later this year.

Another activist, Nalleli Kobo, 22, is inviting political leaders to “come to her house” to “spend the night next to an oil and gas well” in the state of California.

The activist, who worked with Swede Greta Thunberg on climate campaigns, blamed the “toxic air” she was exposed to in her home for ovarian cancer at the age of 19. “Our lives are at stake,” he believes.

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California on Friday launched a lawsuit against five oil companies for their role in global warming, accusing them of causing billions of dollars in damages and misleading the public about the dangers of fossil fuels.

During the General Assembly, a “climate ambition” summit will be held on Wednesday at the initiative of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

“History will remember their action or their inaction,” said Mr. Mejia said. If we’re lucky, what humans will remember [les dirigeants mondiaux] This was done during the summit. »

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