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on video | Rescue a raccoon trapped on the railroad with its frozen testicular hairs

A raccoon finds himself in mortal danger after the hairs on his testicles freeze to the train tracks due to the freezing temperatures.

The thermometer already indicated -12 degrees Celsius, while the train threatened to arrive in the opposite direction at any time to mow down the animal, according to the Daily Mail.

Neil Mullis, a 35-year-old railway worker, found the entangled animal and carefully freed it using hot water and a shovel.

“I poured hot water under his buttocks while a co-worker was scraping his buttocks trying to free him,” said Mr. Mullis, from Cochrane, Georgia in the US.

After about five minutes of methodical labor to free it, Mr. Moles and his companion were able to set the animal free. That person immediately jumped off the tracks and fled into the woods without ever looking back.

In the video, which was filmed on December 19, 2022, Mr. Mullis can be heard saying ‘poor bugger’s nuts are frozen on the rail’ when he finds him.

Despite extensive rescue efforts by Mr. Mullis and his colleagues, no one has been able to determine how or why the raccoon ended up in this predicament.

with information from daily Mail.

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