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on video | Minnie Mouse refuses to hug a little girl in Disneyland

A video clip filmed in Disneyland, California, has angered netizens due to the attitude of Minnie Mouse’s mascot towards a little girl.

In the footage filmed by the girl’s aunt, the little girl can be seen visibly excited to meet the famous mouse trying to hug her. This type of practice is common in Disney theme parks; Many visitors line up, sometimes for over an hour, to meet the characters, share a funny moment, and get a hug.

However, the little girl in the video saw Minnie categorically deny her a hug. Instead, the amulet turns the girl, not without difficulty, in the other direction of the image. The kid tries a second time to hug Minnie, but Minnie flips it again.

The scene, which was viewed by more than 15 million people on TikTok, caused a huge reaction. Here are some of the comments the video garnered:

“All this little guy wanted was a hug. I’m so angry.”

“This makes me very sad.”

All this money will be treated unfairly.

“Really?? She was aggressive.”

“I really hope Disney gives a good explanation, because it’s not true. It’s supposed to (go to Disney) to create magical moments for kids.

Many netizens also reported hearing other stories of the Disney mascot being rude to visitors.

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