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On the back of the referendum, Sunak’s government is taking measures against legal immigration

On the back of the referendum, Sunak’s government is taking measures against legal immigration

With legislative elections expected next year across the Channel, the Conservative government Rishi Sunak Trying to climb back in the polls. Departing from Labor opposition, he is trying to show a firmer stance on immigration, legal or illegal.

On Monday, the executive announced the turnaroundImmigration legally. All this with a promise to “take back control” of the borders and always thank you Brexit.

The end of family reunification for caregivers

Before Parliament, Home Secretary James brilliantly promised a “very big reduction” in terms of net immigration: “300,000 fewer people could come. United Kingdom In the coming years as compared to last year. Facing MPs, he announced a rise in the minimum salary required to obtain a work visa to £38,700 (€45,160), a 47% increase on the average full-time salary, which currently stands at £26,200.

Employees in the health sector will no longer be able to bring their families to the UK if they are not affected by the limit, raising fears from companies in the sector. NHS Providers, an organization representing hospital groups in England, found the changes “deeply worrying” as it deters staff from the sector from trying to come to the United Kingdom.

The Home Minister also announced a system to reform the list of labor-free occupations and ensure that migrants who bring their family members support themselves.

The announcements, which will come into force in the spring, target students who will no longer be able to bring their loved ones to the UK from January and tighten measures with a further 66% of exemptions. An increase in the amount foreigners must pay to access the NHS, the public health system. This should increase to £1,035 (€1,200), compared to the current £624, which James wisely declared would make it possible to raise “an average of £1.3 billion for the health services of this country”.

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Cooperation with France strengthened

According to official figures released at the end of November, net immigration (the difference between arrivals and departures of foreigners) was 745,000 last year, higher than the initial estimate of 606,000.

Arrivals of illegal immigrants across the canal in small boats also peaked in 2022, with 45,000 arrivals. Almost 30,000 have since the beginning of this year. The government has tightened asylum laws and strengthened its cooperation with other countries, including France, to combat the phenomenon.