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Award in Australia for “Nutshita N – I was there” shot in Bakuashibi.

Award in Australia for “Nutshita N – I was there” shot in Bakuashibi.

Awarding a Special Jury Mention plaque to filmmakers Pakuashibu, Mathias Mark, Martin-Pierre Tremblay and Marie-Pierre Morin. (Courtesy photo)

Director Septilion Martin-Pierre Tremblay and his collaboration of “Nutshita N – I Was” received a special mention from the jury at the Canberra Short Film Festival in Australia last week. The fictional film, which features high school students and adults from Bakuashibi, is a hit among festival-goers.

Presented in Innue-Aimun and subtitled in English, it was the only film screened in an Indigenous language during this professional festival in the First Nations Stories category. According to director Martin-Pierre Tremblay, the theatrical presentation by representatives of the five North Coasters on site created an exceptional moment of intercultural encounter.

Spectacular pictures

“We are very proud of the response the film has received. Australians appreciated the images of the snowy landscapes of the Lower North Coast that we shot on snowmobiles,” explains the director of the film, which began with film workshops at Pagua High School.

Two actresses from the Baguashibu Innu community who traveled during this festival in Australia had an exceptional experience. Five delegates from the North Shore rubbed shoulders with Aboriginal people from around the world.

International reach

The project spread throughout the Inu community of the Lower North Coast around its creation over a period of one year. It now shines on the other side of the world.

Officials want to share the film’s success with the people of Baguashibu. A plaque won by North Coast delegates in Australia will soon be displayed in the community.

The Uapenetsheu Collective team that produced the film “Nutshita N – I Was There” has received another invitation and may return to the land of kangaroos next June.

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A North Coast delegation of Mathias Mark, Martin-Pierre Tremblay, Mica Denigan and Mani-Bisham Mestogosho stayed in the land of the kangaroos in mid-summer. (Courtesy photo)