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Om: Pamu Mete is harassed during the draw

Om: Pamu Mete is harassed during the draw

It's beautiful, it's important. it is good. Winning and qualifying, a match that was not easy, especially after the opening match for Shakhtar, but did we discover the taste of victory and certain values ​​​​this evening in the Marseille team?

Pamu Mete: Yes, it feels good, it feels good. I think we already had some values, and I think they were already ingrained in us. This evening, we had to perform in front of our audience, here at the Velodrome. The atmosphere was crazy, you must have seen that. Returning to victory in front of the public is a step we take and we know that we still have work to do.

But it's good to win the match. Do you remember the last time you won?

BM: This is good. Now, we stay focused because every time, we had a game in hand and either we tied at the end of the game, or we lost the game at the end. So we've already been through situations where we had a game in hand. Now, I think we have to have the same frame of mind that we had tonight, and when we get the three points, we will secure the match..

What exactly does it mean that even when it was 1-0 to Shakhtar, you weren't necessarily panicking, we feel it was still your goal that got you back into it?

BM: No, I won't say that, because before the goal, we pressured Shakhtar with great insistence, and they were less able to get the ball out. We were dangerous, and conceding a goal stopped our momentum a bit. After that, we put our heads up and fought and were able to get the result back.

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One thing was clear in this game, we all expected it, and got it, and that was the return of the back three. Of course, it speaks to you. Were you the one who, when the coach arrived, gave him a little bit of your feelings or was he the one who said to you, “I watched your matches, you know, we're going to play like this”?

BM: No, I think the coach also arrived with the mentality of getting the team back on track. There it is, 3-5-2 tonight could have been 4-4-2. I think the system is still important, but above all, it is the collective state of mind. I think tonight is the most important. The state of mind was there and in the end there was victory in the end.

Did the coach and staff get you some stuff already, even if you haven't seen much of it since Tuesday?

BM: We didn't necessarily have time to work a lot. But these are simple things that have been put in place. The recipe for winning a match is not presented that way, we know it. You have to work week after week. And then, we won tonight and qualified this evening, it's a good step forward.

Sounds like you want to play against Liverpool?

BM: (laughs) I don't know. We'll look into that tomorrow. Important. We'll see who we shoot. I think there are a lot of great teams. Only big teams. Anyway, the next match will be tough. Now we have to work. I think that above all, on Sunday, there are the three points to strive for again with our fans and that's it.

But tell us the truth anyway. The eighth final of the European League. Given the season that has been really complicated, this draw is very exciting to see the other opponents and especially to be there?

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BM: Yes, yes, it makes you want to. Then, there you have it, you know the club. The club is a big club. Now, these posters will please everyone if we pass by Liverpool, as you say. But I don't know, we'll see. As I said, we have to prepare for the game as we continue to develop. We know we still have a lot of work to do to get back on track.