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Coelho now has its own epidemiological intelligence center

Coelho now has its own epidemiological intelligence center

The head of the Coelho District Health Department, Jean-Paul Mattila, launched the Coelho District Epidemiological Intelligence Center on Tuesday, May 21, in Bandundu.

According to Dr. Jean-Paul Mattila, this center uses new technology, which will consist of collecting real-time health information from all health fields, via tablets, analyzing and processing it in order to provide the appropriate response as quickly as possible for public health. problems.

The new epidemiological intelligence center, equipped with computers and other necessary equipment, will operate 24 hours a day.

The head of the district department of the DPS, Coelho, said that at least seven people, who were trained for three weeks, will work permanently at this center.

Jean-Paul Mattila explains its importance:

“We are launching the Epidemiological Intelligence Center in Coelho Province with the support of different partners so that we can collect information as soon as possible, analyze and process the data and then be able to provide the appropriate response to public health problems.

He pointed out that this region is witnessing many epidemics, citing as an example the health regions of Bagata and Ceia, which were affected by measles.

“Thanks to the Ewars platform we created, we always have real-time information from all health areas, and this smart center created will strengthen this information collection system as quickly as possible to detect alerts,” continues Jean-Paul Mattila.

He explained that this smart center is being implemented by partner Santé Monde, with financial support from the World Bank.