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Shane Wright praised Juraj Slavkovski for the quality of his play

Shane Wright praised Juraj Slavkovski for the quality of his play

As you know, the Montreal Canadiens had a big decision to make in 2022. With the first pick in the draft, we were wondering if Shane Wright, the popular choice, would come to town.

other options? Juraj Slavkovski and Logan Cooley. I don't know how much I appreciate Cooley, but okay.

Finally, the Canadian management decided to go with Juraj Slavkovski. After his performance on the international scene and because of his toolbox, he was the first choice for the auction.

Did the Canadian make the right decision? If we had asked the question a year or three months ago, many vanilla fans would have answered that no, the right decision was not made.

But for a few weeks? It's a different song.

We will have the real answer in a few years. It is still too early to know if the Canadian is right to include Slav, given that the club does not want its best player at 19 years old, but at 23, 24 or 25 years old.

But let's say that for now, CH should be happy with the performance of their young player. This is not me saying it, but… Shane Wright himself.

Over the past month, he has had some very good hockey performances for Montreal. It's clearly where I want to be.

I want to produce in the NHL. – Shane Wright

those words, Reported by Nicolas Cloutier. TVA Sports Journalist He reached out to Wright to give him the right to speak regarding the status of the 2022 draft.

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I advise you to read his paper.

Does this mean it's all over for Wright, who is not living up to (the audience's) expectations of an exceptional performance at 20 years old? You know the answer is no.

He trusts the process and is willing to consume significant minutes in the American League, where he doesn't have a bad season, if it can adequately prepare him for what lies ahead in the NHL.

A bit like Max Pacioretty in the past, he doesn't want to move around: he wants the moment when the Kraken summons him to replace him forever.

It remains to be seen when… but above all, we have to see if he will be better than Slav in four years. Here's the question.

a lot of

– Tristan Jarry this evening against CH.

– good.

Laurent Courtois is an excellent communicator. [BPM Sports]

The debate is still raging.

– Oh well yes.

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