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Ghostbuster: "I picked up some good phenomena"

Ghostbuster: “I picked up some good phenomena”

A Quebec ghost hunter has been able to capture many paranormal phenomena using specialized equipment over his nearly 22 years of experience.

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Phenomenology of electronic sounds or silhouettes, Frank Natarelli Jr., founder of Hantise Québec, witnessed many demonstrations during his investigations.

Moreover, these are meticulously implemented.

Frank Natarelli Jr. begins to collect testimonies of people who witnessed the phenomena, analyze them and, if he deems it necessary, publish his equipment to investigate.

“We have thermal cameras, I also have electromagnetic field detectors, ghost boxes, and Ovilus, to conduct electronic sound phenomenon sessions. We can communicate with entities through the white noise of the radio and we can pick up very clear sounds,” the paranormal investigator explains in an interview with LCN.

Mr. Natarelli Jr. was notably involved in the “Résidences maudites” programme, at CASA, conducting an investigation in a house in Sainte-Sophie, in the Laurentians.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t see a lot of demonstrations during filming because there was a large film crew on set and the place was very cramped. On the other hand, I caught some good electronic audio phenomena,” he admits.

The interviewer often receives calls due to hearing noises in different establishments.

“More often than not, there are unexplained steps, and voices, we often hear about going up the stairs. It is also inexplicable noises, moving things. Such inquiries often come.

If Frank Natarelli Jr. chooses this path, it is mainly to help others.

“I prefer looking for adrenaline and helping people who are victims of paranormal phenomena because if I don’t help them, there won’t be many people who will come to help them, they won’t have many resources,” he says.

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