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"Ninjababy": a sudden pregnancy |  Montreal Magazine

“Ninjababy”: a sudden pregnancy | Montreal Magazine

Don’t let the fact that it’s a Norwegian movie stop you from watching this comedy that reminds us Juno… Less preachy, but just as much fun.

One day, Raquel (Kristen Kogath Thorpe) – or rather her roommate Ingrid (Tora Kristen Dietrichson) – realizes that something is not right. Her breasts are swollen, she is more sensitive to smells and craves fruit juice. But it is impossible to be pregnant. After all, they took all precautions with the person she called “Dick Jesus” (Arthur Burning) – you’ll understand why – her “one-night stand”. Then there’s “Musa” (Nadir Khadami), another “one-night stand”, but this attentive and gentle, with whom Raquel feels there is the potential for a more successful relationship.

No, you can’t be pregnant…until you are. And that she knew, in the process, that she was way past the legal deadline for an abortion. dilemma. What do you do with the famous kid Ninjabi For whom does she draw her adventures in a comic strip because she does not want to be a mother?

Without getting caught up in sentimental drama or American-style comedy (think “Sudden Pregnancy,” whose title I borrowed, with Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen), Ninjabi He paints a very endearing and sympathetic portrait of today’s young women.

and overlay animations for =NinjabiDirector Yngvild Sve Flikke eschews unnecessary seriousness, Johan Fasting’s screenplay, based on Inga H Sætre’s graphic novel, occasionally choosing scathing humor over the hefty one usually reserved for the subject. No doubt, Ninjabi It is a very interesting discovery!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Ninjabi hits theaters at 1Verse April.

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