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Nigeria considers UK travel ban "discriminatory"

Nigeria considers UK travel ban “discriminatory”

UK decided to keep Nigeria Omigron is considered on the Red List of countries banned from entering its territory to prevent the spread of the variant “Discrimination” And “Unfair” By Abuja. “This decision is unjust, unjust, punishable, unsafe and discriminatory. It is not inspired by science or even common sense ”Nigeria’s Information Minister Lai Mohammed told reporters.

Following last week’s news of the discovery of the Omigran variant in Nigeria, the British government has listed Africa as the most populous country, currently in ten African countries. The United Kingdom has so far identified about 160 cases of the Omigron variant. But officials say most of the cases have clear links to recent trips to South Africa and Nigeria.

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Therefore, from Monday, travelers from Nigeria will be barred from entering the UK, except nationals and residents who must observe a ten-day isolation at the hotel at their own expense.

“We truly hope that the decision to add Nigeria to the Red List will be reconsidered and immediately revoked by the British Government.”, Added the Nigerian Minister. He added that developed countries would do better to ensure that developing countries like Nigeria have access to vaccines than to impose travel restrictions.

In some forty countries

Canada has also banned travelers from Egypt, Nigeria and Malawi for fear of spreading the new variant. The presence of omigran is now confirmed in forty countries around the world, which was first discovered by South Africa.

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In late November, a team of South African researchers announced the discovery of a new variant of Govit-19 called Omigron. The reaction was immediate: many countries closed their borders and in a matter of hours expelled South Africa from the world.

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On Monday, South African presidents Cyril Ramaphosa and Senegalese Maggie Sal condemned the rich countries’ approach to South Africa after the discovery of the Omigran variant. “Isolating a country that has lined up a new variety and expressed transparency is not only discriminatory but also negative because it encourages others.” Not to be outdone, Maggie Sal said in her inaugural address to the Dakar International Forum for Peace and Security in Africa.

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