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INTERNATIONAL - Le torchon brûle entre l’Australie et la Nouvelle-Zélande

International – Tea piece burns between Australia and New Zealand

In New Zealand, We are not laughing with Govt-19, we need a bunch to reorganize the whole country. It is an act that makes it possible to effectively control the epidemic, but it does not mix well with the policy of international conferences. In fact, the situation in New Zealand has pushed the federation to suspend future rugby championship matches. A decision that Australian coach Dave Rennie did not like. The latter made it clear that he was “Crazy” That decision and how it was made.Rugged Championship. All blacks are canceling their games, with uncertainty on the international calendarThe gold and green coach underlined “Unilateral decision” And a “Disappointing Communication” From his New Zealand counterparts. He pointed out that the Australian players had heard the news “On social networks”. He also outlined a certain selfishness of the leadership of the neighboring country. At a press conference, the man did not clearly say his words:

We have all made sacrifices to hold competitions especially for the financial benefit of all and the benefit of the competition. They play safely, but our players have not been home for eight weeks. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. New Zealand’s attitude of not respecting its commitment is truly disappointing. They are selfish and do not know what they are doing.

If the rugby championship is forced to suspend and the New Zealanders reach an agreement, the meetings may be postponed until early autumn. Thus Australian players, such as the South Africans and Argentines, will not benefit from the rugby championship and the regular interval between the European tour in October and November.

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