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Canadian 2 flame 1 |  Scorer

Canadian 2 flame 1 | Scorer

In the past, a no-worse player named Wayne Gretzky offered the world this pearl of philosophy: “We lose 100% of the shots we don’t try.”

Richard LappeRichard Lappe

At 20 years old, Cole Caufield has presumably never seen Wayne’s adorable play. In fact, if a member of the Gretzky family saw in action, it was likely Paulina and her Instagram account. But we also assume that young Caufield has indeed chosen to stick with the philosophy of the 99, which is excellent news for Al-Kindy and his supporters.

Make it clear: Cofield, in his first National Hockey League match Monday night in Calgary, had little to do with the Canadians’ 2–1 win over Flames. He did not collect any goal, nor did he collect a pass.

But he threw four times, the climax between Canadian attackers. At one point, he tried to surprise goalkeeper Jakob Markstrom from the angle of the ice, from a narrow angle. From there, Caufield might have had a chance to score as he did to win the lottery, but he didn’t hesitate and thought to himself: Why not?

It takes us back to the great Wayne, who did too. No, we’re not going to start comparing Cole Caufield with Wayne Gretsky after one match, and we’re not going to start after 100 games or 200 games. But all talented attackers have the same mindset. This confidence believes you can score from anywhere on the ice.

Seriously, who was the last Canadian striker with such talent into the net? We can search for a long time …

After the match he replied, “If I see a good start, I will shoot.” I’ll throw from anywhere hoping something happens … ”

she is beautiful. It’s also something that Al-Kindi has lost since … Alex Kovalev? at least.

The rest is up to him, of course, but he also belongs to the Canadians administration, who will have to let him be himself and not try to make him someone who isn’t. If his impolite style and penchant for throwing from anywhere leads to transformations, well, that would be the case. And it will have to be tolerated, because really, who in this organization has this offensive ability?

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We’ll tell you right away: No one.

Victory was very necessary. The Flames are not dead yet, but the Canadian, who are up with six points in the standings and nine games left, are on their way forward. By the end, a record of 0.500 should be sufficient to secure a tipping point.

By the way, who scored the winning goal on Monday night? Tyler Toffoli is, once again, the man who has already scored 31 goals in his life season and now has 25 goals that season. In a “normal” season, at this rate, Toffoli had 47 goals. We take the opportunity to remember that the last time a Canadian player scored 50 goals, the Rolling Stones were still young.


Tyler Toffoli (73)

Canadians will now be home for four matches at the Bell Center, starting with a visit to Toronto Maple Leaves on Wednesday evening. The time will be right for some wins, which this team has not been able to achieve since 1he is Avril.

Meanwhile, Canadian policymakers will have to play with insight and find a way to keep Cole Coffield in the squad. This young man is too talented to waste his time in the stands.

“He has to play,” coach Dominic Ducharme said before the match.

Yes it should.

in detail

Drouin is absent again

Where is Jonathan Drouin? In any case, he’s not on ice, and according to Dominic Ducharme, he doesn’t come out much either. “It has been a while since he left his room,” he was satisfied with answering the coach about him before the match began on Monday evening. The Quebec striker has reportedly not had symptoms related to COVID-19, according to what the team has already announced, but he has been on the sidelines since April 21 and must have missed his club’s last three matches. Against the flame in Calgary. Another striker missed Monday night’s match due to injury, Paul Byron.

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Romanov in the reserve lineup

We knew running the National League hockey team was a complicated affair, but at this point? Obviously, the Canadians had to think and rethink a range of scenarios before they could put Cole Caufield into the squad. Basically, the person who gets caught is Alexander Romanov. In desperation, the Canadian, in order to free up salary space and allow Caufield to play on Monday night, had to assign the Russian defender to his reserve team. Nevertheless, Caufield’s emergency call-up allows the club to keep its last call-up for a final player at the end of the season. Romanoff is supposed to be the summoned player at the end, but bear in mind that striker Jake Evans is an emergency call-up. So Evans can be returned to the reserve team … unless he becomes the last player to be called up.

Daryl Suter in good shape

L’entraîneur des Flames, humoriste à ses heures, a de nouveau offert un point de presse assez bref au terme du match, avec des réponses aussi brèves, incluant le classique «si vous avez regardé le match», que tout le monde adore parmi The media. We can conclude that Fitness Trainer Of the players in red were a little angry because they lost that match. “It was a close match between two organizing teams,” he explained. They signed up for the strength game, too. […] We had a chance to equalize, and we even hit the post. It is a qualifying game as well. There were no further questions.

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Jake Evans

The kind of smart player every coach wants on board. Can Al-Kindi continue to make room for him?

In decline

Ben Shiarout

He got a bad penalty and performed really well at the end of the match when he sent a small disc in the stands … without tough action by the umpires.

the number


The number of points collected by the Canadian in the last five games in Edmonton and Calgary.

They said

I found Cole Coffield to be good. It did not surprise me with nervousness. He did well and had a few chances to score, too.

Xia Weber

I’ve never set myself a goal on how many goals I want to accomplish before I start the season … It’s been a fun season so far, and it’s not over yet.

Tyler Toffoli

Just being able to spend the week with the players and being able to train with them helped me. I was able to watch matches closely as well and that helped me.

Cole Caufield

I liked Cole’s game [Caufield]It was solid. He played the right way, and it’s nice to see a guy bring that energy.

Dominic Ducharme

We needed this victory, and we find ourselves in a difficult position. As long as there is hope, we will keep pushing. But it’s tough, yeah. We want to resume this match.

Elias Lindholm

We are not blind and will not say that we will not look at the arrangement. But if we don’t win our games, that won’t mean anything. We have to win and we’ll see what happens elsewhere in the league.

Marc Giordano