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NHL: Joshua Roy feels he has his place with CH

NHL: Joshua Roy feels he has his place with CH

He only had to wait until his third NHL game to score his first goal, and Joshua Roy felt confidence had a lot to do with his success.

If he feels more comfortable on the ice in the 3-to-2 win, Quebec has the impression he has a bigger place within the group with the Habs. He also really enjoyed spending time the day before having dinner with the Quebecers.

“I think I'm more comfortable.” I believe that I am also a member of the team and not a substitute. Just yesterday, while on the road, we went to eat Quebec food. I feel like I'm more part of the group. “I'm more comfortable,” he said.

There are 12 but 34 matches with the Rocket of Laval, Roy, and it is difficult for the disc to remove the rouge line after the beautiful remise of his co-pierer Sean Monahan on a descent to the ground against a laissé Simon Nemec. No answer.

“When I saw the one-on-one with Monahan, he had a really good game. I just had to put him out there.”

“You dream of playing in the NHL and to be there and score goals, it's unbelievable,” Roy said. At the same time, he became the fourth-youngest player in CH history to score in his first road game.

Tricolor coach Martin Saint-Louis also praised the work of his 20-year-old striker in this encounter. The combination with Monahan and Joel Armia was productive for the Canadiens in this matchup. Monahan had two assists, while Armia had one assist on the scoresheet.

“He's a good role model for me. He's a good veteran player and helps me a lot,” Roy said when asked about the midfielder.

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“He played a good game. His touches were very good. A young player coming to the NHL requires repetition and since he's been here, this is his best game,” the Canadian pilot said.

“He has good touch, goes to the right places on the ice, reads the game well and we will continue to work with him.”

He added: “For Roy, playing with two veteran players who are in good condition makes his job easier.”

Joshua Roy isn't the only young Canadian forward to stand out in the game. A good evening of work was capped off by Caufield, author of the winning goal, who skillfully redirected the puck towards teammate Juraj Slavkovski for the first goal. If this play showcased his immense talent, St. Louis appreciated the decision-making that allowed him to score a third goal in as many games late in the game as he headed home to redirect the puck.

“It's a mature game. What I like about Cole is that he does what the game tells you to do. Sure, it's fun to play in space with all your keys, but sometimes that won't be the case. And (Cole) is playing the game. On the last goal, he continues on his way, And he communicates, even if he's not open, he gets in. You can't always score from the outside and this is what he does.

“He is a special player, he can play very good games. I was in the right place at the right time. Don't ask me how I got on the ball, because I don't know,” Slavkovski stressed.

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While he's unsure how to pass the ball to Devils goalkeeper Niko Duss, Slavkovski is well aware that fellow Slovakian Nemec was right next to him in the sequence, but he didn't tell him the signal, right away…

“I didn't really get the chance, because you have to celebrate first. I spoke to him the rest of the game, but he was very focused on his team as well.”