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David Pastrnak could be traded in the coming months

David Pastrnak could be traded in the coming months

David Pasternak is quite the hockey player. The Bruins forward, who has just completed his eighth season in the NHL, has averaged about a point per game since the start of his career (504 points in 510 games) and is Bettman’s fifth top scorer since 2016-2017 with 215 goals.

He might play for one of his rivals in CH, but it’s hard not to be impressed when he plays at the level of his immense talent.

However, in recent weeks, we feel there has been some upheaval in the Bruins’ little world. In addition to the uncertain future of Patrice Bergeron, Brad Marchand and Charlie McAvoy will be on the sidelines for several months and Bruce Cassidy just got fired.

In short, it puts Pastrnak in an odd situation, and according to Floto Shinzua, who covers Bruins’ activities for the athleteIt could even cause it macaroni It can be replaced in a few months.

At 26, Pastrnak could be an important part of Bruins’ core for a few years. However, his contract expires at the end of the 2022-23 season, and it is clear that the bond of trust between the team and him may be Much More fragile than you think.

In fact, according to a source who spoke to Shinzawa, there is no “chance” that Pastrnak will sign a new contract in Boston if Don Sweeney retains his position as GM. The Czech striker didn’t like seeing the team GM do nothing to try and retain the services of Torey Krogh and David Craigie, two of the team’s best friends. macaroni within the group.

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Are these rumors exaggerated? I do not know him. But even for Bruins, the idea of ​​trading Pastrnak makes sense In a very specific context: the beginning of reconstruction and the desire to leave the Czech Republic.

Now, Bruins are at a bit of a crossroads. Tuukka Rask has retired and could be joined by Patrice Bergeron in a few weeks. Additionally, the absence of Marchand and McAvoy at the start of next year’s season as well as a change of coach could complicate the Boston team’s assignment in 2022-23.

And since the potential Bruins group isn’t the richest, trading Pastrnak for a big profit (like the Bruins did with Milan Lucic a few years ago) might be a good way to start. And if Pastrnak has no intention of signing a new contract with Bruins, the decision becomes simpler: you can’t let him go without getting anything in return.

Sure, the possibility of seeing Pastrnak sign a new contract in Boston does exist (he’ll be able to do so from July 13), but if we count on Shinzawa, that’s not necessarily a certainty. And if that’s the case, the next brutal NHL trade may include Pastrnak. and Canadian

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