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NHL: Conor McDavid upsets Chris Tanev

NHL: Conor McDavid upsets Chris Tanev

Edmonton Oilers star Conor McDavid collided with Calgary Flames goalkeeper Jacob Markstrom in the third game on Monday after being fouled by defender Chris Taniv as he headed into the net.

McDavid and Markstrom were not injured during the play, which ended with the equalizer for Jesse Polgojarvi, who deviated against McDavid before entering the net. The Oilers captain was unhappy with that after the match.

“Obviously they have the right to defend their nets and stop me from getting close to them, but when the stick is put into the skates as Tannev did, it’s a dangerous match for me and the goalkeeper,” McDavid denounced. I don’t want to be in the goal and neither do the goalkeeper. The only player who is safe is the defender who doesn’t care about his stick. “

No penalty kick was assessed on the play, but Oilers got the power to play after a video challenge from Flames to foul the goalkeeper by McDavid on the next goal that was rejected by the referees.

“When you put a stick in the skates and a player throws a net, you hope for more penalties,” MacDavid added.

The Oilers won 4-3.

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