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NHL: Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy hasn't regretted his playoff choices

NHL: Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy hasn’t regretted his playoff choices

Bruce Cassidy assessed his post-season record on Monday morning, after his team exited the New York Islanders days earlier.

The Boston Bruins coach had no regrets choosing Touka Rusk, who was down from injury, to defend his goal in Game Six against the Isles.

The team’s staff held daily meetings to inquire about his health condition, as it was not 100% and the decision was questioned.

We learned at the end of the series that Rask will undergo hip surgery during the vacation period and that his absence may last for eight months.

Cassidy also believes there are two schools of thought across the ring at the moment in regards to the use of goalkeepers.

“Vegas uses Marc-Andre Fleury, the Canadian man is Bryce while the other teams rotate between two guards. We have to look into this issue,” he said.

Regarding Taylor Hall, Cassidy believes that the experience he had in the last series will benefit him in the future. He scored 3 goals and assisted 2 in 11 matches.

The Bruins driver is also hoping the 29-year-old striker can agree a contract extension with the team, who will become a free agent without compensation.

Having Hall in the Bruins environment for an entire season would be very profitable for both parties.

“Taylor did really well for us. Obviously, his streak wasn’t as great against the Islanders as it is against the Capitals or at the end of the regular season.”

“The players learn a lot in the playoffs. Taylor balanced the first two lines well and gave David Craigie a new lease on life.”

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