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New song by Corey Hart

New song by Corey Hart

Obviously, the pandemic – and booked it – will allow Corey Hart to spend more time in the studio. Just a few months after launch ShorelineThe singer appears today with a new title, morning sun.

No, Corey Hart has not been idle for the past year. Between his daily tours of the Bahamas where he settled into the turn of the millennium and Scrabble’s “mega-competitive” matches with his wife Julie Masse (“She’s so strong!”, As he specifies), the singer has appealed to pen and guitar to create new material.

“The very strict health measures have been relaxed only in recent months. I did not have a professional plan for 2020, but with the fewest came the inspiration for many songs,” the singer explains in an interview with magazine.

New clip

After re-reading the mega success never give up It coped with the epidemic last year, and this winter has landed with it ShorelineDuet recorded with his daughter Dante. This time it is morning sun Presents a song on “Life’s Difficult Choices”.

However, Corey Hart chose not to appear in The clip accompanying this new titleInstead, he called Alan Froe, an old friend and lead of Canadian band Glass Tiger.

“I felt that if I played the musician, it would be difficult for the audience to distinguish between Corey Hart and the fictional character. Alan was my first choice because I knew he could take advantage of the artistic, contemplative nature of the character,” he explains.

Montreller forever

Although Corey Hart has no plans to release an album or EP anytime soon, he does plan to continue introducing new tracks intermittently on the streaming platforms. A francophone project – which prefers to keep the details for the time being – may allow him to reconnect with his fans in Quebec soon.

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Because even if he left Montreal for several years already, he does not intend to forget his origins, rather he intends to deny them to a lesser degree.

“I came from Montreal and he will always stay with me in my head and heart. No matter what years or how far away we are, this bond is constant,” he insists.