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New features for Chrome OS | Informational guidance

Mary Press – 04/22/2021

The latest Chrome OS updates introduce new features that make it easy to get answers, troubleshoot, and scan files.

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Chromebook becomes a one-stop shop for calculations, checking the latest weather forecast, or searching for the definition of a word with the “everything” button. Just click on it, then type “weather” or a math question in the search bar and the result will appear. So it is no longer necessary to open another tab or other browser app to quickly get answers.

Plus a new app The diagnosisAvailable on all Chromebooks, it can be used to test and check the health of a laptop battery, central processor (CPU), or memory. You can then save the test results to the session log to share with customer service. Finally, the app provides links to related support articles.

Another new feature allows you to scan documents directly from your printer to the laptop via Wi-Fi or using a direct USB connection (Bluetooth scanning is not currently supported). When the scan is complete, apply Files On a Chromebook to edit, crop, or resize the new file.

Last month, Chrome released live captions for media with audio. This option will be extended in the coming weeks to Chrome Browsers on most Chrome OS devices. To activate it, just go to your Chromebook’s settings, then to “Accessibility.”

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