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New details appear in the file of Pierre-Luc Dubois

New details appear in the file of Pierre-Luc Dubois

While the off-season is in full swing in the National Hockey League, various teams are adjusting their rosters for the next season, which will begin at the beginning of October.

Among these teams, let us note the participation of Los Angeles Kings who made a big move at the end of last June by acquiring the striker from Winnipeg Jets, Pierre Luc Dubois vs Gabe VillardiAnd Alex Yuffalo And Rasmus Kobari as well as choose the second tour in 2024.

Furthermore, immediately after the trade, the Kings confirmed that they had signed Quebec to a long-term contract by offering him 8.5 $1 million a year for the next eight seasons.

While he will be based in California for an extended period in the coming weeks, Dubois is back in Peel County to take advantage of the summer season and participate in his foundation’s first golf tournament in Rimouski.

host occasion Louis Lacroix and columnist Raphael Doucetcontacted the Kings forward to find out more about this new turning point in his career.

They clearly fell back on the expectations al-Kindi’s supporters had for him.

Deciding where I wanted to spend most of my career was a choice I wanted to make for myself. I had some great years in Winnipeg, but I was one year away from deciding where I wanted to be. […] For me, it was Los Angeles, no matter the cost. We could have gotten more elsewhere, but that didn’t really matter to me. There were a few teams I was interested in, but I don’t want to go into detail.”

Pierre Luc Dubois98.5 fm

When asked if the Canadian showed much interest in him, Dubois was content to simply answer that question:

No, the Canadian did not make me an official offer.

Pierre Luc Dubois98.5 fm

In short, with all the rumors surrounding a potential deal that brought Pierre-Luc Dubois to the Canadiens at the end of last season, fans will be disappointed to learn that despite some discussion, there haven’t been any official offers to that effect.

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