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Cayden Primo makes fun of Kent Hughes

Cayden Primo makes fun of Kent Hughes

– Kayden Primo prays that he will be claimed on the bench when he gets fired.

– This will be his last chance to become an NHL goalkeeper.

Primo problem…

It’s his contract…

$800,000 guaranteed this season.

$1.1 million guaranteed next season…

Kent Hughes likes to beat his guards.

Why do you pay an American League goalkeeper with a National League salary?

Why did you pay Jake Allen $3.85 million a year for the next two seasons?

– finally..

– Kent Hughes did not trust Samuel Monttembolt.

– That’s the only reason.

– He thought Montembolt would go to Shocker in his life…

– Otherwise…

– He wouldn’t have given Primo and Allen so much money.

It’s still crazy to think that the two will sign until 2025.

– While Montembeault is only signed until 2024 at the moment.

At one point…

– Quebecois will lose patience.

– To sign it as much as possible.

He’s our first guard.

– It is not negotiable.

– You just have to pray that Primo will be claimed in BALLOTTAGE.

– In any case..

The first real number in Laval.

It’s Jacob Dobbs.


– He follows…

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