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They steal $130,000 from the local soccer league and go to Disney World

They steal $130,000 from the local soccer league and go to Disney World

A Manalapan, Florida couple has been arrested after investigators launched a lengthy investigation into their finances and accused them of stealing $130,000 from a local soccer league to pay personal expenses.

On July 10, a detective arrested Kathleen Murawski and Joseph Murawski on charges of theft of property, conspiracy to commit robbery and fraudulent use of a credit card.

The investigation into their alleged crimes lasted six months, according to a statement from the Oldbridge Police Department.

“I never liked her. I always thought she didn’t make the league better, only worse. She wasn’t following protocol. So much good has gone by since she took over. Instinct doesn’t let you down,” a surfer wrote on the police’s Facebook page.

“It breaks my heart. I know this family… I grew up with them, they are amazing people and I don’t know what problems drove them to do this, but they must have been desperate… They both come from great magnets and families…”, for his part he commented Another Internet user.

Kathleen Murawski was president of the Old Bridge Soccer League, while Joseph Murawski was field director, True Crime reports.

The two allegedly took advantage of their position to steal $120,000 (CAN) from the organization by withdrawing money from a Major League Soccer account.

Old Bridge Police claim they used the money to “finance personal purchases, including but not limited to expenses related to a trip to Walt Disney World and other excursions, an extravagant party for their children, purchases on Amazon and utility bills for their home”.

Detective Jessica Caffey reportedly launched the investigation after an Oldbridge Football League official noticed “a problem with the league’s accounts”.

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Joseph and Kathleen Murawski are being held in Middlesex County Correctional Facility.