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Near the end of the milk bags?

Near the end of the milk bags?

As milk consumption habits change across the country, some companies may be tempted to stop offering milk pouches due to their declining popularity.

This was explained by Maryse Côte-Hamel, professor of consumer science at Laval University, in an interview with LCN, who said that the public is moving more towards other alternatives such as value-added milk or fortified drinks.

These products are often more expensive than “regular” milk, and because the margins are higher on this type of product, they are promoted more heavily by merchants.

“Certainly the fact that consumers are buying it, to some extent, is also an indicator that there is demand for this type of product,” she explains. “So there is an interest on the part of retailers to respond to consumer needs, but yes, we know that sometimes prices are much higher considering the ingredients that have been added, but that is a consumer decision.”

Milk pouches aren't available everywhere in North America, which means some companies may be more inclined to ditch this form rather than the other.

Watch the full explanation in the video above

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