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NBA: “Clear Violation!”  Why a player’s “LaFrance” tattoo is controversial in America

NBA: “Clear Violation!” Why a player’s “LaFrance” tattoo is controversial in America

Charlotte Hornets player LaMelo Ball is in a dispute with the American Football Association over an inscription on his neck. The latter decided on Friday November 17 that he must now cover her up.

LaMelo Paul can no longer use a part of his body for self-promotion. The young Californian got a new tattoo a few weeks ago below his left ear: “LF” is written there. It actually refers to his middle name: “LaFrance”.

Apart from the fact that these two letters bear the name of his luxury clothing brand, they violate the rules of the National Basketball Association (NBA), which prohibits any visible advertising on the bodies of athletes. In a statement ESPNNBA spokesman Tim Frank said: “Players are prohibited from displaying commercial logos or company symbols on their bodies or hair during games. We take into account players’ efforts to express themselves during the game and try to enforce the rule fairly. But LaMelo Ball’s neck tattoo is a clear violation of the rule, so , to hide it.”

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The Charlotte Hornets playmaker already covered his logo on Thursday, November 16 against Miami. He repeated it the next day against Milwaukee, and so far has found this solution only to avoid lawsuits.

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The 22-year-old basketball player retained the same letters he already had tattooed on his left arm before it became a trademark. Additionally, one of his uncles has the same initials.

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