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"France and Australia, neighbours, partners and friends"

“France and Australia, neighbours, partners and friends”

Richard Marles. F Clarifont

Tribune – After a crisis over the collapse of an order for 12 French submarines and a new majority election victory in Australia last May, the new deputy prime minister is Australia’s defense minister. His visit to France illustrates his government’s desire to renew trusting relations between the two countries.

West of Australia, in the Indian Ocean, are the French territories of La Réunion and Mayotte. To the south, the French Antarctic territories rub shoulders with us. Also, to the east, in the Pacific, we can find New Caledonia and French Polynesia. France is one of Australia’s closest neighbours. Noumea It is the closest overseas city to Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra. The most extensive French border is the maritime border it shares with Australia. It provides a common strategic alignment for our two countries as liberal democracies in the Pacific. A long-underestimated alignment in our bilateral relationship.

Relations between Australia and France Based on an ancient story from the arrival of the French explorer La Perouse in 1788 in Botany Bay. Also, it is closely linked to the fact that many Australian soldiers lost their lives on French soil. the world

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