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National Day: "Let's Be Proud To Be Quebecers!"

National Day: “Let’s Be Proud To Be Quebecers!”

National Day celebrations continue on Friday in Quebec.

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Prime Minister François Legault celebrated National Day Friday morning in Jacques-Lorraine Park, in Charlemagne. He had a message to send to the people of Quebec.

“Let us be proud to be Quebecers! We have every reason to be proud, think of our ancestors. We stuck together during the pandemic. (…) We were a united people,” he said.

I felt that sense of pride during Thursday night’s National Day festivities in Montreal and Quebec.

On the Montreal side, festivities were held at the Quartier des Spectacles, where the evening was hosted by Pierre-Yves Lourdes. Performances by Luco Lucas, Alicia Moffett, and Roxanne Bruno followed each other to the delight of Quebecers.

In Quebec City, despite the light rain, people were still able to enjoy performances by Marjo, Marco Calliari, Pépé, and his guitar.

Karim Willet songs were performed in his honor in both cities.

Festivities continue on Friday.

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