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NASA's Pharaonic Space Observation Project – La Nouvelle Tribune

NASA's Pharaonic Space Observation Project – La Nouvelle Tribune

For months, the space reconquest process has been raging! In fact, many countries want to resume operations and are targeting the moon as a first step. The United States recently announced via NASA its new project: installing a telescope directly there.

A few months ago, NASA announced its Artemis program. A space program aimed at ensuring that men and women return to the moon. But NASA is thinking bigger. Between installing a manned base, launching commercial flights, or even developing a space station in lunar orbit, the goals and expectations are many on the American side.

NASA wants to install telescopes on the moon

And the projects keep coming. In fact, NASA has confirmed that an entirely new project has been selected as part of the program NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC). This project aims to ensure the construction of a huge telescope on the hidden side of the Moon… or even a network of several telescopes, in the long term. Because this is crucial to scientists!

In fact, the moon revolves around us LandSimultaneously. This means that he constantly presents us with the same face. And this faceDisappeared“The follower.” moon They are not protected, targeted or affected by the waves we can emit from our planet. For this reason, researchers will be able to perform interventional imaging.

An ambitious project to better understand our world

Hence, an array of telescopes can be arranged in such a way as to obtain images of very good quality, making it possible to monitor the electromagnetic rays striking the Moon to find the slightest trace of interference. This will make it possible to understand the environments through which these rays passed. It is a well-known and already perfected technique, which in particular made it possible to obtain the first images of a black hole.