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Nancy.  Social Clearance Selling: A Space for Exchanges

Nancy. Social Clearance Selling: A Space for Exchanges

Last Thursday, October 12, the Nancy edition of the National Mobilization expanded the presentation of the White Paper on Social Work presented by Mathieu Klein, at the Regional Institute of Social Work, allowing a large number of social workers and volunteers from associations responsible for vulnerable masses, to meet with the people of Nancy.

These caregivers themselves suffer from weakness and exhaustion due to helplessness, and often also due to failure to respond to the demands and expectations of the weak, vulnerable and neglected people in their care.

In these times of rising prices, the number of people using associations is constantly increasing, and at the same time, the resources allocated to solidarity entities are decreasing due to inflation.

In the face of unstable accommodation, lack of access to housing and deteriorating salary conditions in social professions, more than 10 associations and about 40 professionals joined together, as of 3 p.m., in Simon Ville Square.

Everyone, wanting to restore public debate, went to meet passers-by, taking this connecting road to present them with explanatory leaflets, a questionnaire on unity, on a world without solidarity, and on solutions. On this occasion, they were able to dialogue and share the difficulties and distress they cause.

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