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Scientific challenges faced by students

Scientific challenges faced by students

In fact, SVT educators in the Comminges Basin Interinstitutional Working Group have decided to take action for the 2023 Science Festival.

So, there were about six science workshops in which 300 fourth-graders, from 10 different institutions, met for two hours of science quizzes. 24 teams made up of students from all colleges competed in the science challenges. The cooperation, mutual assistance and determination among the students made it possible, in a good mood, to put science in the spotlight.

Florence Cojolle and Aurélie Delport, leaders of the working group, point out:

“We were often isolated in our institutions, and we were keen to bring together students from local colleges to highlight science. The format of this action was a science assembly, highlighting collaboration among students around teamwork.”

“We thank the community of municipalities of Cœur et Coteaux de Comminges for the support and the free loan from the Villeneuve-de-Rivière Exhibition Center as well as “Instant Sciences” which awarded us prizes for the winners of this edition.”

After the success of this first event, the organizers plan to repeat the process next year, and why not host a science fair village.

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