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Mysterious animal 'looks like an alien creature' was found on the beach

Mysterious animal ‘looks like an alien creature’ was found on the beach

A teenager made a bizarre discovery on Marochidor beach in Queensland this Tuesday morning. Australia. Alex Donn actually fell on a corpse Animal He says in a video he posted on his Instagram account on the same day of the discovery that “it looks like an alien creature”. Daily Mail Australia Broadcast by Western France.

The creature we see is small. She has a large jaw that looks like human hands with sharp teeth, a long tail and claws. In the video, Alex Dan believes the creature was carried away Floods affected the east coast and Queensland in late February and early March. But he could not identify this animal for sure.

Oposam, young kangaroo, walapi?

Australian Internet users asked for feedback. For him, it could be a pose. Others think of it as a young kangaroo, while others think of it as a walrus, “because of its characteristics and its small size.” But these are just assumptions.

This is not the first time the remains have bothered those who found them. So, in August 2021, in the United States, a fisherman caught a strange fish weighing 9 kg with human-like teeth, our colleagues recalled. But in this case, the scientists had all the elements to create an answer: it was a round sheep.

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