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Kovid - Omigron: 9 new signs have been added to the official list in the UK

Kovid – Omigron: 9 new signs have been added to the official list in the UK

It has been more than two years since it happened Govt Came into our lives. Since then, almost everything has been said about it Virus A. caused Crisis In the health sense of the word but in its broadest sense.

New habits, new reflexes: New variations The spread has also changed the situation. Recent – Omigron Leading – gave birth to a more contagious but less severe version of the disease.

When the world tried to adapt to the growing and changing Govt face, many Symptoms Simple is the first reported Normal cold Per person Stomach. Health officials said today that the symptoms of goiter can be confused with the symptoms of spring allergies.

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The test is no longer free

But as the unofficial list gradually grew, English health officials updated the list of their own symptoms, true. This is especially the case with the health care agency NHS (National Health Care) UKWho added Nine new symptoms in his Govt list of symptoms.

The original symptoms are as follows “High temperature (touching your chest or back, without the need to use a thermometer) or cold, cough (lasting more than an hour or 3 cough episodes in 24 hours), finally loss or change of taste and smell”.

These now include:

– wheezing.

– Tired.

– Muscle aches.

– Headache.

– throat pain.

– Obstruction or runny nose.

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– Anorexia.

– Diarrhea.

– Fever.

Symptoms have already been identified, but are now official in the United Kingdom, where the government has long opposed considering them. “Test capability should not be completed”. But now that the tests are not free across the channel, the list has been updated.

The WHO, for its part, lists 13 symptoms of goiter, four of which are not listed by the NHS: rash or discoloration of the fingers or toes, red or irritated eyes, loss of speech or movement and chest pain.