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MUST SEE: Halloween decorations so realistic they fool firefighters

MUST SEE: Halloween decorations so realistic they fool firefighters

After sending an emergency to a private property that was on fire, firefighters from Glens Falls, New York, tipped their hats to residents when they realized they were just very fancy Halloween decorations.

“This evening, crews were dispatched to the Stanford Street area for a report of a confirmed structure fire. To our surprise, it was actually a great Halloween decoration,” the Glens Falls Fire Marshal posted on Facebook in early October.

A video accompanying the post shows a two-story house that appears to be on fire, while the three windows visible on the exterior show an impressive fire that appears to lick the entire residence.

But the clever hoax, carried out using a simple combination of lights, fans, a fog machine and silver foil, according to US TV station WRGB, was so realistic that it managed to fool bystanders.

The latter would have immediately grabbed his cell phone to call the firefighters, who would have gone to the scene with the sirens sounding, before they realized the nature of the fire.

“This is amazing [œuvre] “It will be visible on Friday and Saturday evenings to entertain the public until the end of the month,” said the fire brigade, clearly prepared to take other calls.

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