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“In Canada, we speak English!”

“In Canada, we speak English!”

So, A Quebec resident who complained about English-only service at a McDonald’s restaurant on Montreal’s South Shore The manager (both an English speaker and a French speaker) replied: “We are in Canada, and in Canada we speak English. If you don’t speak English, that’s your problem!

do you know what?

The manager is right.

Quebec City is located in Canada, and Canada is a country whose main language is English.

When you settle in Quebec, you are settling in a province of an English-speaking country.

This is all.

The French language has no more importance in Canada than Urdu or Mandarin.

The myth of bilingualism

As long as Quebec was part of Canada, the survival of the French would be threatened.

Why? Because the only province that is singled out and called to order by the guardians of the Constitution when it does not respect the “historical rights” of the linguistic minority is Quebec.

The only bilingual province in the country is not New Brunswick. This is Quebec.

Official bilingualism is a myth fabricated to be able to rebuke Quebec when its government adopts measures deemed too “discriminatory” to protect the language of its majority.

In Montreal, we feel like crying tears of joy when we’re greeted at work with a “hello.” Hello“.

Oh, my God! The man said “Hello”! He said a word in my language!

thank you sir! Thank you!

I know what people will tell me: another angry sovereign man taking an isolated anecdote and blowing it out of proportion.

Did you notice?

Do you walk into a store and an English-speaking employee speaks to you in French? It’s a basic movement. Compelling data.

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An example that proves that all Anglo youth are bilingual.

You walk into a store and the English-speaking clerk is unable to speak French to you? It’s a story that proves nothing.

Shit happens.

Nothing to worry about.

You get angry for nothing.

I must be unlucky in Simonak, because “tales” like the one experienced by a McDonald’s customer in Greenfield Park, I live every day.

We’re in Canada, Canada is English, blah blah…»

In shops, but also in vaccination centers, and even in hospitals.

There is only one solution

For people who arrive here, Quebec is a “neighborhood” of Canada.

Like Griffintown in Montreal, or Limoilou in Quebec.

Canada is everywhere – on their passports and currency.

On all the walls of the airport where they landed.

For them, Quebec is not so much a destination as a gateway.

The only way to make people around the world understand that Quebec has its own language, past and culture is to become a state.

With our passport, our currency and our airports.

Even then, it will be – at best – “Hey Hello“.

or “In Canada, we speak English“.

When we dare to complain, we are told that it is just a story…