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Hospitalization due to COVID-19: Montreal is the hardest-hit area

Hospitalization due to COVID-19: Montreal is the hardest-hit area

Quebec recorded 15 new hospitalizations on Friday, bringing the total to 298 people hospitalized due to COVID-19. 91 of them are currently in intensive care.

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The vast majority of hospitalizations, or 83%, are concentrated in the metropolitan area.

In fact, 50% of the county beds occupied by people with COVID are on the island of Montreal. North and South Crowns have 33% of hospitalizations in the county.

However, pharmacist Diane Lamarie attributed those numbers to TVA Nouvelles, explaining that these areas have significantly more bed capacity than anywhere else in Quebec.

It also indicates a certain stabilization of cases and hospitalizations, which indicates that the health network will be able to withstand, at least in the Montreal region.


Diane Lamarie says she is more concerned about the situation in Ottawais, Estée and Maurice-Centre de Quebec.

These three regions account for 14% of hospitalizations and the pharmacist fears that some hospitals will reach saturation within three weeks.

The latter also notes an increase in cases in long-term care shelters (CHSLDs) and private housing for the elderly (RPA).

In RPAs, the number of positive cases doubled in just one week, notes Diane Lamarie.

“Roll on October 15 to vaccinate all health workers!” Pharmacist announces.

To see the full explanation, watch the video above.

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