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Mosquito control operation from Thursday night to Friday due to dengue fever

Mosquito control operation from Thursday night to Friday due to dengue fever

After the dengue case has been determined in Strasbourg, a mosquito control operation will be conducted at night from Thursday to Friday to prevent the spread of the disease by tiger mosquitoes.

Several areas of Strasbourg will soon undergo a mosquito control operation. During the night of Thursday 8 to Friday 9 September, the Place d’Austerlitz and Orangerie areas will be targeted to avoid the spread of tiger mosquitoes potentially carrying dengue fever.

This operation was carried out after a case of dengue was discovered in Strasbourg for a person who had recently resided in a tropical country.

A security perimeter will be created

Processing areas of the Alsatian capital is a “standard procedure” that the ARS and the Bas-Rhin state identified in a press release. This makes it possible to “respond to a strong public health case in order to avoid any transmission of the disease to other people residing in or frequenting these sectors”.

A safety perimeter will be established in the affected and adjacent streets to avoid exposure of the population to the treatment product for the duration of the intervention and for the next 30 minutes.

The residents of the neighborhoods that will be euthanized have already been informed of the process and the precautionary measures that will be taken in anticipation of this process.

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