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More than $560 million to make Manic-3 more powerful

More than $560 million to make Manic-3 more powerful

Hydro-Québec will increase the capacity of the René-Lévesque hydropower plant, called Manic-3, over the next 10 years. With the main works costing more than half a billion dollars, the plant could gain up to 35% of installed capacity.

The Manic-3 power plant, located about 100 kilometers north of Baie Comeau, produces 1,285 megawatts of installed power. To increase its power by 35%, Hydro-Québec will replace six turbine and generator sets.

These rotating devices, which convert water energy into mechanical energy, have been in operation for nearly 50 years.

The six turbine generator sets of the Manic-3 power plant will be replaced with more modern devices.

Photo: Hydro Quebec

The total cost of the work has not yet been announced, but it is estimated at more than $560 million, an estimate based on other similar projects.

The number of additional megawatts that will result from the work is still unknown at this time, as explained by Hydro-Quebec Communications and Communities Advisor, Cathy Hamel.