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Montrealer Thaïs appeared in Emily in Paris

Montrealer Thaïs appeared in Emily in Paris

A song by Montreal artist Tais earned a spot on Season 3 of the showEmily in Paristhe popular Netflix series, which premieres the 10 new episodes from Wednesday.

The night is like youtaken from the EP artificial paradise (2020), accompanied by Hanan’s scene – we will not tell you more – in the sixth episode, Previously in Provence. “The night is like you / Troubles me / Falling ashes / From your burning lips,” tells the steamy voice of electro-pop composer Thaïs Millet, whose real name is.

Emily in Pariswhich stars Lily Collins and is full of cliches Made in France collected about 60 million views in the first season.

“I was born in Paris, so my music is part of this series that gives a place to French-speaking artists that make me so happy and proud! Thaïs, who shares the soundtrack for the episode with Charles Trenet and Laure Briard, among others, explains in a press release.

Thaïs launched the first effort, Everything is just fine, under the Bravo banner last fall. Protégé Cœur de pirate will present a new series of concerts from February.

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