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Reality TV: 'Double Occupancy' shows door to candidate with conduct disorder

Reality TV: ‘Double Occupancy’ shows door to candidate with conduct disorder

In front of the torrent of criticism received on the behavior of one of the candidates for the new seasondouble occupationThe popular reality TV production team that airs on Noovo Channel updated their Monday by announcing their exit for an upcoming episode this week.

“After shootings began three weeks ago, Alexander has already met one-on-one through production [à propos de] his behavior. […] This meeting put an end to his journey. “You’ll see it in the upcoming episodes,” ToRos Productions said on social media Monday afternoon.

In an interview with dutyContent Producer, Valerie Dalby, did not want to detail the exact reasons why or when a candidate would leave. “It will be during the week. […] We will explain his exit from the show and everyone will understand how it happened.”

It was during the red carpet for this 15NS On Sunday evening, viewers found out about Alexander’s participation in this year’s show in western Canada. So far, only 12 girls and four boys have known identities. Eight other episode participants were revealed.

The presence of Alexander, 31, described as a restaurant manager in Montreal, sparked a wave of negative comments on social media. Several people denounced the behavior that the candidate considered “unusual” and “violent”. In the face of mounting criticism, the production was forced to block comments on the candidate’s Instagram account, which it manages during the candidate’s participation in the show.

Left on the floor with three others when each of the four girls had to choose a candidate from among the eight boys for a meet, Alexander made no secret of his disappointment during this part of Sunday’s episode. “It was flowing from the inside. If I had punching bag In front of me, I’d like to tell you, seriously, that I was going to trade a little, he said to the camera. […] It’s also a lot of questions: What do other people have more than me? Given the fact that… “The candidate does not finish his sentence but rather makes two fingers of honor towards the sky.

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Soon, during a confession period – a moment when the candidate finds himself alone in front of the camera to trust his adventure – Alexander returns to his position: “I was especially disappointed when the girls made their first choice. I had expectations. I might have handled it badly. a bit, I have exaggerated reply. I might take it a bit personal. Maybe I shouldn’t. But I think we all express our feelings differently, and I think I needed to experience it. “

Later in the show, when attendees find out about their house in the next few weeks, Alexander appears to be breaking up with the others. One of them, Robin, points out in confession: “He was by his side, he no longer spoke, he was sad, frowning, not wanting to talk to anyone,” he admits.

Well-hidden skeletons

In addition to strong reactions to Alexander’s behavior during the show, many women on social networks have claimed that he would have adopted a “violent”, “sexist” and “harassed” attitude in the past, outside of reality TV.

With a three-week gap between shooting and the show’s airing, the production says it has never heard of any problematic situations with the candidate. It was only his behavior on the show that prompted her to meet him. “Obviously, if we had heard about the bad experiences some girls shared on social networks, we would have checked before going ahead with the process with him. […] Knowing that we can do nothing anymore, he is not already at home ”, confirms Valerie Dalby.

In their social media update, the production team explained, “All the candidates underwent a psychological evaluation prior to their participation in the show and underwent criminal background searches. [Ils] It was also adhered to before the start of the adventure to inform them of the code of conductdouble occupation And the possible consequences if they violate it.”

Obviously, if we had heard about the bad experiences that some girls share on social networks, we would have checked before going ahead with the process with him.

Candidates’ social networks are also subject to scrutiny. However, there are limits. “It’s hard to delve into the past and talk to those around them, as their presence on the show is supposed to be kept secret,” the producer explains. Applicants must also sign a waiver pledging that “there is no skeleton in the closet.”

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“We are more careful. We do not take this lightly and quickly crack down. We learn every year from our mistakes and how to handle situations.” Let’s remember the case of Eloise who cheated last season. Or that David, who was kicked out of the same version even before he even walked the red carpet, after the production received testimonials about his past behavior.

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