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Monthly subscriptions…printable

Monthly subscriptions…printable

The American company Hewlett-Packard, which produces, among other things, printers, has big ambitions regarding the marketing of a monthly printing subscription.

In an interview with the American channel CNBC, HP's CEO admitted that in the long term, he would like consumers to no longer own a printer.

The monthly subscription already in place gave customers the opportunity to rent a printing package using their home printer.

This amount, which can be up to $32.49 per month to print 700 pages per month, allowed them to obtain original HP ink or toner, thanks to the “HP Instant” ink program.”

France Press agency

“Every time a customer buys a printer, it is an investment for us,” Enrique Loris said, stressing that leasing represents a long-term goal for his company.

“If a customer doesn't print enough or doesn't use our products, it's a bad investment.”

According to the businessman, the new monthly subscription service will represent a way for the user to print “according to his needs” by paying a fixed amount monthly.

The CEO stresses that he wants to increase the speed of delivery of products associated with the package in order to persuade the population to change their consumption habits.

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