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Mobile application for Les Éditions Nordiques

Mobile application for Les Éditions Nordiques

Since this morning, you can download the Éditions Nordiques mobile application for free, which brings together the Nord-Côtier and Manic newspapers and the Haute-Côte-Nord and Charlevoisien newspapers.

After more than a year of work, this application will allow readers to see real-time information according to their preferences.

“We can say that we have created a great tool that strengthens our leadership role in terms of information as written media. When we say that our mission is to inform, it is further proof that we bear this responsibility,” noted the President of Éditions Nordiques, Simon Brisson.

The user will be able to choose the news they want to read, receive notifications of important news, integrate their activities into the calendar and participate as a citizen journalist in their favorite media. The application is available on Apple and Android devices.

“With the recent disruptions in news distribution on social media, I believe this request is timely. Our information teams, competent and attentive, produce just as much news. With this new medium, they will reach a greater number of readers,” Mr. Bryson said. .

The latter praised the work of his internal team and the companies IXMédia and Eugeniuses, who worked countless hours to implement this technological advance.

“In the digital age, we can no longer rely on intermediaries to get information to people. “The app, despite its simplicity, allows notification and thus direct communication between the media and its audience. This is where we want to be: a modern media, live on Your phone,” said IXMédia President, Carl-Frédéric de Cells.

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“Welcome to the modern era,” concluded Mr. Bryson, proud to present a mobile application worthy of the name to the residents of the North Shore and Charlevoix.

To download the application:

Apple —>
Google —>