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This is how remove background from photos works

This is how remove background from photos works

iOS 16 will allow you to crop and share themes of your photos with a simple long tap. Something to create very nice new stickers.

The function of removing the subject from the background of the image allows you to send it wherever you want // Source: Apple

.’s latest updateiOS 16 foot through WWDC 2022 Show us some cool new features with a new, more customizable lock screen, improved messaging, but also now the ability to easily crop the image theme and do it as you wish.

Fun Photoshop option at your fingertips

This is one of the features that was announced on stage. It looked simple, but it still had some potential. The option will be available in the Photos app, you just have to find a photo with a well-defined theme and hold on it for a long time to remove it from its background.

This option will allow you to quickly share the main element of the image. However, it is currently not possible to save this item as a new image in its gallery. We may be able to circumvent this in the future using certain technologies. The addition of this new feature in iOS 16 seems successful and does a very good job of cropping out specific topics. iOS 16 It is currently only in a beta state and it is not impossible that this functionality will continue to develop before it is released in the stable version.

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