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Mixed joy at reuniting the Israeli with his family, former Hamas hostages

Mixed joy at reuniting the Israeli with his family, former Hamas hostages

An Israeli, “happy” to find his family freed on Friday by the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), announced that he could not “celebrate” their return without releasing all the other hostages held in the Gaza Strip.

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On the first day of the truce in the Palestinian territories, the ruling Hamas movement released 13 Israeli hostages, bringing the total of released prisoners to 29 out of about 240 captured during the October 7 attack carried out by Israeli commando forces. The establishment of the State of Israel in 1948.

On that day, Yoni Asher remained at his home north of Tel Aviv when his wife, Doron Asher Katz, 34, visited her mother on Kibbutz Nir Oz with their two- and four-year-old daughters.

When commandos attacked the kibbutz, they kidnapped his wife and daughters and killed Doron’s mother, Efrat Katz, 69.

“I am happy because I found my family. Feeling joy is allowed and shedding tears is allowed. It is a humanitarian thing,” Yoni Asher said in a video posted by the Hostage Families Forum on Friday evening.

He added: “But I am not celebrating. I will not celebrate until the last hostages return home.”

He said: “I want to stress that our children, fathers, mothers and sisters are being held hostage now, and there are people whose hearts are being torn apart now and I want to make sure that every hostage returns to his home.” . he added.

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Doron’s brother, Ravid Katz, and their mother’s partner, Gadi Musa, remain detained in Gaza.

Mr Asher said: “I am determined to help my family recover from the terrible trauma we have been through.” “Difficult days still lie ahead.”

It’s agreed to allow your liberation, which is available on September 13, 2017 in Israel and the Hamas, on a renovated door next to the same day, with 50 sticks left in the Gaza Strip and 150 Palestine libraries. This is now The Zionist entity.

Today, Friday, Israel released 39 Palestinian women and children from Israeli prisons.

On the sidelines of the main agreement, ten Thais and a Filipino held hostage were also released, according to Qatar, which led the negotiations with Egypt and the United States.