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Minutes after the show, TLMEP announces the addition of a surprise guest tonight

Tout Le Monde En Parle will be held in a few minutes. Having announced all the guests for the past few days, the show has announced the addition of a surprise guest to tonight’s show.

Like the good thing is that everything is still being filmed live…

Indeed, Guy A. Lepage that guests will attend the show on Sunday, October 16th.

There was Paul Arcand who rarely appeared on the set of Tout Le Monde En Parle during the show… we can see if he’ll speak On his retirement, which he announced a few months ago, a surprise to many…

Another highly anticipated guest is Stephane Russo. We know that the STAT representative has been heavily criticized in recent weeks. Will come to answer all of this as well as talk about his new book with Jay A.

This time around, TLMEP announced another guest for the show within a few minutes…

This is Lisa Ray, the daughter of controversial Tony Accorso. We know that his house was destroyed by an arson in recent days…

So it’s a great addition to Guy A. And the entire TLMEP show… We know the Accurso family isn’t used to doing interviews. Even less live!

Here’s how everyone’s conversations broke the news:

add a guest #TLMEP: Lisa Ray, entrepreneur and daughter of former construction magnate Tony Accorso, whose home was destroyed by arson this week.

And here’s their full message to announce the life of Lisa Ray…

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see below:

This is a major addition for Guy A. and the entire team!

So he will be seen in the next few minutes on Canadian radio broadcasts… We will be able to monitor his place on the program by producing TLMEP.

Let’s see, José Gaudet is coming out and sharing all the photos of his hair transplant… We can even see the “necklace” in Photo #4… Details below:

José Gaudet comes out and shares all the photos of his hair transplant

Photo: Jay A. LiPage and TLMEP page