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Karen Vanas' open dress at the party sparked a lot of reactions

Karen Vanas’ open dress at the party sparked a lot of reactions

Karen Vaannas caught the eye in Toronto last weekend. The Quebec actress turned heads as she wore an open-cut pink dress.

The 38-year-old, present at the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards evening, was dazzling.

Her dress comes from designer Sid Neigum and this dress was chosen by designer Patrick Vimbor.

Karen Vanas’ hair and makeup was done by Leslie Ann Thompson.

Here’s what Karen wrote in a comment to the post where she shared pictures of her in a pink candy dress.

cafawards 2022 is about to start 🌹 #cohost dress by @sidneigum by @patrickvimbor mua & hairleslie_ann_thomson

Karen Vanas shines in her pink dress! It has received a lot of likes and more than 200 comments.

Netizens are unanimous in saying that Karen was beautiful this evening!

This is one of several comments: “I could not be more beautiful…. Wow Karen. Inspirational, authentic, beautiful woman inside and out… I adore you!”

How about photo #2 where we see part of Karen’s thigh… Check out the pictures of Kippur in her pink dress below:

1Karen Vanas pink dress

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