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An awkward moment in 'Everyone's Talking About It' (TLMP)

An awkward moment in ‘Everyone’s Talking About It’ (TLMP)

Transfer to Everyone is talking about it By Lisa Ray, daughter of former construction magnate Tony Accorso, continues to elicit backlash. Described as confusing and “uncomfortable,” this interview illustrates the dangers of living, according to the production, who has no regrets about making room for the businesswoman in her group on Sunday night. There is no doubt going back to a registered and modified formula to prevent such a moment of discomfort from happening again.

“For people who are unfamiliar with the media, it is true that a group like Everyone is talking about it. But you have to take a risk. You can’t always see the same faces. […] Since we went live, two and a half years ago, we must have had 350 guests, and as far as I know, this was the first time this had happened. That’s a pretty good average,” G.A. Lepage argued in an interview with Should.

Contrary to what some may understand, the host and co-producer of the show ensures that M.I Ray did not appear on the air at the last minute, on her own initiative, without having to give a pre-interview. Even if Lisa Ray’s arrival was already announced a few hours before the show, her attendance was planned for “a few days,” as G.A. LePage notes.

It is true that the daughter of Tony Accorso, who changed her last name three years ago, has been in contact with the team Everyone is talking about it. But she had to talk to a researcher beforehand, like any guest. During this introductory interview, she made it clear, among other things, that she had nothing to do with the arson that destroyed her home in Deux-Montagnes last week. His view seemed credible and coherent enough that the team thought it appropriate to invite him on Sunday evening.

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“The previous interview went very well. I was expecting her to explain why she felt unfairly targeted. I think that’s what she meant. But I get the impression that living together Everyone is talking about it Lepage, who on the other hand asserts that he was able to ask all the questions he wanted, “made her confused”.


Half a word, the former RBO member admits, however, that he didn’t get all the answers he expected. And for good reason, the businesswoman was evasive several times during the interview, especially when asked about her relationship with her illustrious father, He was convicted in 2018 of fraud and corruption, including. When it came to changing her name, for example, she began a long response, more about personal growth.

In 2012, when everything fell apart […] I fell into the void. It was the start of a huge transformation for me. […] Before, I couldn’t have a baby. As soon as I left, I had a baby. That was the first miracle. After that, I did a lot of personal growth training, and I met people. Before 2012, [il y avait] Lisa Accorso, and since 2012, began the transformation as a woman, ”explained the woman who is no longer involved in the family empire.

According to her LinkedIn page, Lisa Ray has been at the helm of a frozen food company, MS3 Food, since 2016, but her website isn’t working. Many people on social networks suggested that the daughter of Tony Accorso invited herself on the set of the show to show off, rather than talk about the fire, which she did not have much to say in the end.

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“If it was, it didn’t seem to work, from what I understand,” says Jay A. LePage, pointing to a torrent of negative reactions that followed the broadcast of the program on Sunday night.

“It is not really clear to understand what is the interest of Accurso’s daughter [Tout le monde en parle] Apart from going to [télé] He even tweeted the show’s ex-clown, Danny Turcot, during the show. present in a group Everyone is talking about it Sunday evening to promote his new documentary, host Paul Arcand returned during his Monday morning press review for his appearance on the show the day before, qualifying for an interview with M.I Ray of “psychoelectronics” and “deep malaise” narrate in the studio.

No assembly

“It is true that it was not the interview of the century,” admits Guillaume Lespérance, other producer of Everyone is talking about itjoin duty Monday.

Guillaume Lespérance admits that this moment of television would undoubtedly have looked less painful if the show had been filmed on Thursdays and edited over the weekend before it aired. But he rules out a return to the original concept. Live broadcasting, adopted during the pandemic to better adhere to changing news, is around forever, even if it means risking giving ground to guests who veer off course.

“Everything is moving so fast now. There was so much going on between Thursday and Sunday that it was a festival of adjustments and corrections. Avec le direct, c’est sûr qu’une entrevue comme celle-là va arriver à nouveau, mais c’est le risque.” à prendre », tranche le producteur, qui dit n’avoir aucun reproche à faire à son équipe de recherchistes dans this story.

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Lisa Ray did not return our calls on Monday.

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