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Milestone continues the go-kart game with Hot Wheels Unleashed 2

Milestone continues the go-kart game with Hot Wheels Unleashed 2

You have to believe the first part of this mini car inspired racing game hot wheels It was a great success for the Italian team turn I decided to do a sequel.

eye Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 TurbochargedObviously, this arcade racing game accommodates go-karts hot wheels to Mattel. For this second opus, turn More than 130 playable vehicles have been planned since the launch of the game, including motorcycles and quads that did not exist in the first part.

These vehicles will be of different classes. Thus, the Stock, Powered and Ultimate classes will offer different performance stories so you can choose the car according to your driving style.

Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 Turbocharged It offers 5 distinct environments in which you will compete. Each environment will have a unique surface that will obviously affect the behavior of the cars. It is up to you to adapt your driving accordingly. Note that this component will bring something new in terms of car capabilities. Indeed, in addition to the traditional movement, we have the right to lunge and jump. So this will necessarily provide you with more possibilities of winning races and defeating opponents.

Of course, the developers will take advantage of the new opus to put together several different game modes including new stories in which you have something to do. Thus, the written 4-character career mode will be a part of it. We can always play locally with split screen or online by creating groups with friends and enjoy cross play.

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