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Mike Ward reveals the cost of his legal attachment with Jeremy Gabriel is astronomical

One of the legal epics that has caused the most ink to flow in recent years is certainly the one involving comedians Mike Ward and Jeremy Gabriel.

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First brought to court in 2015 by the Commission on Human Rights, the case went through all levels of Canada’s justice system before the Supreme Court of Canada finally ruled in favor of the comedian in 2021.

Ward, though, did emerge from this story “victorious,” during his recent podcast stint What’s up podcast Of Jerr Allain, he admitted that the saga left a huge void in his bank account.

Ward has often spoken of the astronomical costs of his defense, but many would be surprised at how much.

According to the podcast host under listening, In all, his legal fees amounted to $450,000.

However, he specified that approximately $50,000 had been raised for him through fundraising and that his manager, Michel Grenier, had assumed 20% of the costs.

When asked by Gere Allen if the story changed him, Ward replied “It aged him”.

I left human scars. Humorously, not so much.

He adds that it took him about two years to become the person he was before the lawsuit.

As for his faith in the justice system, Mike Ward says nothing has changed.

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“I never believed in the justice system.”

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