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Pressure mounts on Elon Musk as brands move away from Twitter

Midterm elections: Elon Musk calls on Americans to vote Republican

Elon Musk called on Americans on Monday to vote for the Republican Party in Tuesday’s midterm elections, in the name of balancing the executive and legislative branches.

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“Power sharing limits the worst excesses, so I recommend voting for the Republican Congress, given that the presidency is Democratic,” the new Twitter chief tweeted to his 114 million followers.

Mr. Musk said he was addressing “independently minded voters,” the only ones he believed could change the majority in Congress.

This voting recommendation from Elon Musk will not fail to raise concerns among Americans who fear the potential political use of the social network by the billionaire. The Tesla and SpaceX chief promised that Twitter would remain politically neutral and that all opinions could be expressed there.

Americans will vote Tuesday for the midterm elections, in order to renew all seats in the House of Representatives, more than a third of the Senate and about thirty states.

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